We, Ananta Farms, are reputed, well-known and established Landscape designers and Consultants. 

Making dream landscapes a reality

“Landscapes reflect  personality.
They can be calm and peaceful..... radiating a serenity.
They can be wild and foresty....the force of nature
They can be dignified and well kept ....the touch of royalty
They help meditators to go within. ...touch of Zen
They balance the forces of nature, create harmony and prosperity...touch of fengushi"

We make them a reality!

For us, landscapes are the ultimate in the expression of an individual or company. And we are there to help you to conceptualise what it is that you would like your landscape to say, and to help you to make that dream a reality..

At a predetermined cost and time.

We offer you a total solution - from conceptualisation, to planning, to design, to implementation.

And to ensure that you get what YOU want, we show you a 3D walk-through of the landscape, complete with what types of plants, their colours ...so that you get a real picture.

Detailed plans are submitted covering material to be used, a time scale and all this keeping environmental considerations in mind.

We specialise in environmental engineering and creating an eco-friendly, chemical free environment for you.

We see landscapes as a way of expressing our love and commitment to nature and the environment. All our plans ensure the conservation of the environment.

Our team consists of designers, architects, geographers, soil analysts, Horticulturist etc...all working together. To give you the best and latest in the field at an affordable cost.


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